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Laura + Marty | Austin Wedding Photographer

Laura + Marty | Austin Wedding Photographer

I’m so thrilled to be posting the rest of Laura and Marty’s beautiful images from their wedding that took place at St. Theresa’s, and The Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs. A big congratulations to a truly remarkable pair, whom by the way, just returned from their honeymoon in the Mayan Riviera! A special thanks to Eric for his assistance on this shoot. Enjoy!

St. Theresa's Austin Texas

wedding shoes

bride pearls

groom's suit

laura reflection

St. Theresa's details

walking down the aisle

mother of the bride

Catholic wedding ceremony

catholic wedding ceremony

laura and marty married

pease park wedding pictures

black and white wedding portrait

photo walk

the mansion women's federation

laura and marty wedding portraits

wedding photo women's federation

laura and marty wedding portraits

laura and marty wedding the mansion women's federation

wedding ring

wedding food and drinks

laura and marty first dance

wedding first dance

bride garter belt

groom garter belt toss

bride bouquet toss

bouquet toss

reception dancing

wedding reception

dancing at wedding reception

reception dancing

wedding reception

wedding reception robot dance

bride and groom sparkler exit

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  1. Nov 08 2010

    Gorgeous shots! That ring shot is wonderful.
    And I want to eat all of their food…

  2. Sam
    Nov 08 2010

    Amazing work and fidelity on the images.

Amy + Allen :: Sneak Peek | Vintage Villas

Amy + Allen :: Sneak Peek | Vintage Villas

What an awesome day for a wedding! The outdoor wedding plans were almost thwarted by rain showers, but Amy and Allen decided to take the risk and continue with the outdoor celebration, and I am so glad they did. Here are some of my favorites so far. Thanks to Eric for second shooting this with me.

Ahhh! Look at this beautiful, classy dress.  Loved it!

Amy wedding dress Vintage Villas

First look goodness!  Allen had to do the first look twice because, the first time around, Amy wanted to play a prank on him and have Allen’s Best Man pretend to be her.  Funny stuff!

Amy and Allen first look Vintage Villas

Amy walking down aisle Vintage Villas

Amy and Allen had little finger LED lights for their guest favors.  Little did they know that they were contributing to their own light painting awesomeness.

light painting

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  1. Oct 25 2010

    Looks like fun! I’ve been wanting to try this for some time, need to get off my arse!

  2. Oct 25 2010

    That first look was perfect. =) I can’t wait to see more.

  3. Oct 25 2010

    Looks like a great day!

  4. Oct 25 2010

    What a beatiful dress! And I love that painting with light shot – stunning. Can’t wait to see more!

  5. Oct 25 2010

    this is all sorts of gorgeous. beautifully done.

  6. Oct 25 2010

    Nice light painting! Also love the first look – wish everyone would do this!

  7. Oct 25 2010

    Love this! They are all so fabulous! I especially love that one of her walking down the aisle.

  8. Oct 25 2010

    Great shots. The lightpainting is awesome!

  9. Oct 25 2010

    Great shots, the light painting is amazing!

  10. Oct 26 2010

    First time i’ve seen light painting in wedding photography! Awesome! What a fun spin on traditional pictures. Cant wait to see the rest!

  11. Oct 26 2010

    The first shot feels so incredibly romantic. Beautiful work!

  12. Oct 27 2010


  13. Oct 30 2010

    I love that first shot with the dress- and light painting is awesome!

  14. Nov 04 2010

    Awesome, Francis! 🙂 Love these – can’t wait to see the rest!

Riddhi + Srini :: Sneak Peek | Hindu Wedding Photographer

Riddhi + Srini :: Sneak Peek | Hindu Wedding Photographer

This past weekend was colorful, warm, emotional, energetic and absolutely beautiful, to say the least!  I think the pictures will speak for themselves.  Riddhi and Srini were married on the golf course at River Place Country Club. Later that evening, they held their enchanted reception at The Mansion at Judges Hill. Thanks to Eric for his much appreciated assistance with this wedding.

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  1. Oct 20 2010

    I can’t wait to see the rest of this… it looks amazing!

  2. Oct 20 2010

    These are beautiful! What a lovely ceremony.

  3. Oct 20 2010

    Beautiful! Love the colors.

  4. Oct 21 2010

    Dude, that’s some mindblowing attention to detail and colors!

  5. Oct 21 2010

    Wow, these are really good! Love the vibrant colors and the dancing, looks like an incredible wedding!

  6. Oct 21 2010

    Fantastic images Francis. You’ve encapsulated the colour and vibrancy of this day beautifully.

  7. Oct 21 2010

    Such an explosion of color. Hindu weddings are so beautiful and so festive! You did a great job documenting it.

  8. Oct 21 2010

    Never disapointed as usual! That location is awesome, love the veiw!

  9. Oct 21 2010

    I was really looking forward to this wedding being posted and you didn’t disappoint — these shots are killer!

  10. Oct 21 2010

    I like it so far.

  11. Oct 22 2010

    I’m totally in love with the bold colors, the mehndi, the decor and the festive vibe! I bet it was such a blast to shoot! – Rachel

  12. Oct 22 2010

    ummmmmm yeah! incredible!

  13. Oct 30 2010

    I adore the two shots of them together after the ceremony. Wonderful!!

  14. mukesh shah
    Dec 02 2010

    Good job, feels like like we are attending a marriage in india

  15. Maxine Waters
    May 22 2011


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