Michelle + Graham | Austin Engagement

Elin + Peter | NYC Elopement

Elin + Peter | NYC Elopement

Meet Elin and Peter – They live in Gothenburg, Sweden. They decided to cross the pond last month to tie the knot in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, New York City. I cannot even begin to imagine a more perfect way to celebrate the commitment of two very, very wonderful people! There’s nothing more romantic than running off to a foreign country to be married…

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  1. Jan 09 2012

    Love the photojournalist shots in this wedding! The 2nd pic is so cool!

  2. Jan 09 2012

    Beautiful! I just shot my first elopement and I’m hooked now. They’re so sweet and intimate. Love that you did all black and white too!

  3. Jan 09 2012

    Gorgeous gorgeous!!!!

  4. Hilde
    Jan 11 2012

    Great couple… very romantic to get married in the big apple !
    Congratulations !

  5. Tegan
    Jan 13 2012

    Perfect. What a beautiful couple. <3

  6. Feb 16 2012

    Amazing elopement. I love it that is all in B&W, it really adds some intimacy and journalistic feel to it. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but that’s what I feel. 🙂

D+S | Austin Indian Wedding :: Austin Marriott South

Haley + Travis :: DIY Wedding | Allan House

Haley + Travis :: DIY Wedding | Allan House

From the moment Haley and Travis hired me for their wedding, I knew it was going to be an outrageously wonderful celebration.  I had no idea just how insanely beautiful it was going to turn out.  Evidence below.  Congratulations to one really lovely and fantastic couple!

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  1. Nov 29 2011

    Love the detail shots & all the portraits!!

  2. Nov 29 2011

    Lovely! The details are gorgeous, as are the photos.

  3. Nov 29 2011

    I love her boots, and all the little details! Wonderful coverage!

  4. Nov 29 2011

    ooh the teacups with love is such a great idea. Gorgeous details shots.

  5. Nov 29 2011

    Great images. Also, anything with breakdancing is a win!

  6. Sam
    Nov 29 2011

    Awesome wedding Sir Francis J, you really knocked it out of the park!

  7. Nov 29 2011

    I love the robots so much it’s not funny. Such an unexpected quirk! Beautiful wedding!

  8. Nov 29 2011

    Hehe, love the feeding of the grapes and all the details. Nicely done!

  9. Nov 30 2011

    Very, VERY great pictures Francis. A beautiful wedding too, congrats Haley and Travis.

  10. Nov 30 2011

    simply stunning. Love the ceremony shots, and I love the portraits, well done.

  11. Nov 30 2011

    You rock this wedding, especially the portraits!

  12. Nov 30 2011

    Really cool details in this wedding, love the cake topper! You did an amazing job with the portraits and reception images!

  13. Nov 30 2011

    I love the soft feel to these and her laughing during the ceremony – great catch!

  14. Nov 30 2011

    Beautiful coverage. Love the details and the bride and groom portraits!

  15. dan
    Nov 30 2011

    She has a great smile! Really like the cake toppers too, haha.

  16. Nov 30 2011

    I love love love your style & this wedding so much!

  17. Nov 30 2011

    love the processing 🙂 that cake topper i shall steal.

  18. Nov 30 2011

    That one is awesome. Really great wedding, beginning to end!

  19. Nov 30 2011

    That was completely awesome man. I especially love all of the ceremony shots. money.

  20. Nov 30 2011

    Love the gentle colors and tones. Harmonious and beautiful pictures.

  21. grandma Smith
    Dec 06 2011

    We’re so glad we were there,lots of love Grandma and Glen

  22. Feb 08 2012

    These images give me goosebumps! Gorgeous photos — thanks so much for sharing. We love to see photos of our brides.

  23. Nov 28 2012

    Some really beautiful shots here Francis, looks like a great party too : )

Kristi + Ryan | Spicewood Engagements

Kristi + Ryan | Spicewood Engagements

103 degrees could not stop these two from having such an amazing connection!



B&W images shot on Mamiya 645Af + Tri-X

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  1. Sep 28 2011

    Great session and a beautiful couple. The 4th photo from the bottom is killer. Great job.

  2. Sep 28 2011

    ohh I love all of them under the cool trees, gorgeous!

  3. Sep 28 2011

    those trees are awesome! you got some gorgeous shots.

  4. Sam
    Sep 28 2011

    Awesome dude…as usual. Love the film work that you’ve incorporating lately.

  5. Sep 28 2011

    I know where that is! They’re gorgeous. The set is so awesome.

  6. Sep 28 2011

    Such a gorgeous setting for an engagement shoot. You captured this wonderfully. I love it!

  7. Sep 28 2011

    Great session, love the shot under the big trees.

  8. Sep 28 2011

    Love those trees as backgrounds. Great eye!

  9. Sep 29 2011

    103 degrees and she manages to look gorgeous rather than sweaty and disgusting. This woman is my hero 🙂

  10. Sep 29 2011

    Beautiful, love the last shot, well lit!

  11. Oct 02 2011

    Horse! ? Gorgeous set. Love the light in these 🙂

  12. Kristi
    Oct 11 2011

    Amazing Job! I will cherish these photos of Ryan and I forever!