Andrea + Scott :: Sneak Peek | Austin Engagement Photographer

I’m really excited that we finally got to shoot Andrea and Scott’s engagement session the other day.  We have had to reschedule it THREE times.  Once because of Mother’s Day and twice because of the rain.  We hit up various locations in Georgetown, including the restaurant/diner where they had their first date – Monument Cafe. Then we went to the park…one of the biggest parks I have ever seen! There were five different parks within the park itself, if that even makes sense. I’ll definitely be back to take advantage of the rest of the park. We ended the night in the quaint Georgetown town square. Andrea and Scott were REALLY easy and fun to work with. Andrea is a bit of a photography enthusiast herself, so she could sorta relate to what I was doing. Anyhow…here is a sneak peek for Y’all. Enjoy!

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  1. Aug 14 2010

    I love the last shot there! The look on her face reminds me of when my husband kisses me. <3 Wonderful work!