Erin + Joe | Engagement Sneak Peek

It’s all about the connection.

When Erin and Joe met at a concert at Nutty Brown Cafe last year, I bet they instantly knew that there was something really unique and powerful about their attraction.  Fast forward to the present and that passion and bond is still very obvious and apparent, even to an outsider like me.  When I’m  shooting an engagement session, I  try to capture the energy of the couple and the immense connection that they have between them.  I also encourage them to have lots of fun. Well, Erin and Joe stepped up to the plate and delivered!  Here’s a few of my favorites thus far.  Enjoy!

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  1. Sep 14 2010

    Love love love the nighttime shot!

  2. Sep 14 2010

    ur so awesome! love them 🙂

  3. Sep 14 2010

    I love that night time shot, amazing!

  4. Grandma Ahrenholtz
    Sep 16 2010

    Erin……..The pictures are wonderful…..they show such love and caring between the two of you……..You are both so photogenic……….Can’t wait until we come down in October – It will be fun to share some special time with both of you……..Keep the pictures coming……..Love ya both…….Grandma A.

  5. Sep 30 2010

    I found your website yesterday… wow… you have an amazing “third eye”, and an amazing talent! as the other , I really like the nightime shot but every pictures are beautiful and unique…
    It’s so sad for me that you live in america because i would have liked having a photographer like you for me and my love. bye from france.