Mollie + Chris :: Connection

Well it’s my first post of the new year! Today, we bring to you one of our very own Austin Photographers, Mollie, of Mollie Kendall Photography, and Chris. No, they didn’t just get engaged. In fact, they’ve been married now for 10 years. Yes, TEN! They don’t even look like they’re old enough to have been married that long, AND they have two kids! You’ll have to ask them what their secrets are to staying so young and attractive. I was honored that Mollie asked me to take their first serious set of photographs since their wedding ten years ago. I hope you enjoy them!

Connection session

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  1. Jan 12 2011

    Mollie is a hottie! Great shots!

  2. Jan 12 2011

    Awesome stuff Francis, I love the one with the bike in the corner

  3. oK
    Jan 12 2011

    lovely. well done. CELEBRATE!

  4. Jan 12 2011

    Wow, wonderful work Francis and great work as well in front of the camera Mollie and Chris!

  5. Jan 12 2011

    Thank you so much Francis! Not only am I completely excited to have taken these photos but thrilled *you* were the photographer. I love them!!

  6. Jan 13 2011

    Very cool. I love the one in front of the blue / green wall.