Shilpa + Nilay :: Sneak Peek | Austin Engagement Photographer

Coffee, anyone?! I met with Shilpa and Nilay for the first time about a month ago to discuss shooting their engagement session. Things were going great, we were having some coffee, the conversation was flowing. At some point I said something that Nilay found to be really funny and he just wasn’t able to hold in his laughter. The only problem was that he had just taken a swig of his iced coffee – PPPPPPBBBBBBBBTTTTTTTT – followed by a fine spray of some of Austin’s finest caffeine beverages hurling towards me. I froze. They froze. It seemed that time also froze. Luckily, the table we were sat at was large enough that the majority of the spray missed me. Can you imagine?! One of the funniest things that has ever happened to me while meeting with clients. Hilarious! They showed up for the portrait session this past Saturday armed only with a bottle of water and smirks on their faces. Good way to start the shoot! Here are a few sneak peeks from the day.

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