Veronica + Ben | Austin Engagement

I do love a fun engagement session! I’m glad Veronica & Ben chose locations and ideas that really means a lot to them. Enjoy!

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  1. Oct 14 2011

    Vibrams!!!! I like them already!! Real tight and consistent set Francis!

  2. Oct 14 2011

    I *love* this set! Such a fun couple and love the settings you guys chose.

  3. Oct 14 2011

    Great set! Lovin’ the black & white closeup of their mouths.

  4. Oct 14 2011

    Very great ideas for a shoot. Awesome work!

  5. nice work, looks like you all had a great time, I love the soles of the shoes 🙂

  6. Oct 14 2011

    These are awesome. I love that there is such a good mix of fun and personality along with intimate and loving. Great stuff.

  7. Oct 14 2011

    These are fantastic. Gorgeous light! Love the shots by the tent. It reminds me… I need to make a trip to Austin. My family has never been and I love the place.

  8. Oct 14 2011

    What a sweet looking coupleOH MY WORD THEY ARE WEARING VIBRAMS. Hahaha, so awesome.

  9. Oct 14 2011

    Love that “lips” shot!

  10. Oct 14 2011

    These are SO much fun!

  11. Oct 15 2011

    Great set! And I like those silly shoes!!

  12. Oct 15 2011

    Awe, what a cute idea! Love the flash shots at the end. Great use of light.

  13. Oct 16 2011

    What a diverse shoot! Love it!

  14. Oct 16 2011

    Seriously fun engagement session, Francis! Awesome portraits and really creative ideas.

  15. Oct 27 2011

    Thank you for the great images and inspiration.