Alexis + Steven :: Married | Austin Wedding Photographer

They say the right side of the brain is dominant for visual imagery and music, while the left side of the brain dominates in math and logical abilities.  That couldn’t be any more evident than it is with Alexis and Steven.  By day, Alexis is a highly trained Violinist, sharing her knowledge and skill through teaching others how to play.  She even performs at the occasional wedding gig!  Steven is a calculated and precise Engineer who’s working towards building a bigger and better world.   Opposites really do attract, and these two are no exception.  You can see it in the glow in their eyes, their gestures and affection towards each other.  LOVE. Pure LOVE.  The kind of love  that you can’t fake.  The kind of love that just needs to be shared and expressed.  It’s such a wonderful sight to see.  They exchanged vows at an intimate antique chapel, Decker United Methodist Church and celebrated their unity at one of the most beautiful venues in town – Barr Mansion. Here’s my visual story of their gorgeous day. Thanks to Eric for 2nd shooting this one with me. Y’all enjoy now, ya hear?!

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  1. Aug 24 2010

    Francis, I love LOVE that umbrella sunflare shot! The whole thing is beautiful. Great work!!

  2. Aug 24 2010

    Very nice!! I like the creativity on the last shot, and the 3 reflections of the bride getting ready is awesome! well done!

  3. Aug 24 2010

    That three-mirror shot is amazing.
    I love the group shot of the wedding party on the huge wraparound porch…
    And the final shot with the name written in fire? fantastic.

  4. Aug 24 2010

    That last shot must have been hard to co-ordinate! Well done!!

  5. Aug 15 2011

    Fantastic photos. The wedding cake is very nice, very colorful. Nice work.