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It was one of the hottest days of the year so far….

Luckily, Jenny and Rob held their UBER fun wedding at the very-well-shaded Vista on Seward Hill, so it didn’t feel all that bad. In fact, it was hotter on the dance floor than it was outside, but that’s because these two and their attendees know how to heat things up. They even had their own personal cigar roller – how freaking cool is that?! Here’s a few snaps from the day that caught my eye. Stay tuned for a full post later on! Thanks again to Mr. Eric for his excellent assistance with this shoot. Congrats to Jenny and Rob!

Stunning Bride, don’t you think?

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  1. Aug 03 2010

    a beautiful love story, told very well. compliments

  2. Aug 03 2010

    The last shot in this series is epic. Pose, composition, exposure, processing – everything about it is brilliant. In fact, its a great set of images.

  3. Aug 03 2010

    Beautiful! That last shot is KILLER – love the colors.

  4. Aug 03 2010

    Their own cigar roller? That is so freakin’ cool! Beautiful photos!!

  5. Aug 03 2010

    The lighting on the last shot is butter!!
    Beautiful portraits!

  6. Aug 03 2010

    She is ludicrously adorable. I love the sly laugh in the first diptych.

  7. Aug 03 2010

    great images. love the color and feel.

  8. Aug 04 2010

    These are all excellent, what a taster!

  9. Aug 04 2010

    All awesome images… looking forward to the full monty.

  10. Aug 04 2010

    Gorgeous work. Great shot of the couple at night is brilliant.

  11. Aug 04 2010

    I agree with Ryan, she is so cute and adorable! Well done and as usual you always leave me wanting more with your sneak peeks!

  12. Aug 04 2010

    Great work, can’t wait to see the rest! – I’m loving that last shot – looks very Moulin Rouge!

  13. Aug 06 2010

    She is indeed Gorgeous!!! Wonderful job… i loove the last shot…. beautifully lit, beautifully shot!!

  14. Aug 10 2010

    LOVE the veil. LOVE the outdoor background. And LOVE the fact that they have their own personal cigar roller! Uber chic! Great photos… as always! – Rachel