Kristi + Ryan | DIY Country Chic Wedding

I am so in love with this wedding! In fact, I would go as far as to say it moved me. Knowing just how much hard work was put forth by Kristi, Ryan and their family and friends, makes it that much more special. One could not have asked for a more perfectly beautiful day.

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  1. Sam
    Nov 01 2011

    Very nice Francis, very nice. Love your black & whites in this set too. Oh and you lit up the dance floor perfectly.

  2. Nov 01 2011

    Love the getting ready pics!!

  3. Kristi
    Nov 01 2011

    Francis, you made this such an amazing experience and I am so glad you were the one to capture it! We all enjoyed getting to know you as well! Tell Cassie great job too! Talk to you soon!

  4. Nov 01 2011

    Goodness me, that DRESS! And “it’s a wedding, y’all”… I love it. Such a beautiful set 🙂

  5. Nov 01 2011

    Loving this wedding. That first dance shot is unreal. Almost magical. 🙂

  6. Elissa M
    Nov 02 2011

    Francis – You did an amazing job! Kristi looks beautiful and you totally captured the feeling of that wedding. I agree with you totally – It moved me. Thanks again to you and Cassie!

  7. Laurie Boldrick
    Nov 03 2011

    Beautiful photographs! Kristi, you looked so gorgeous. The photographer did a fabulous job capturing the wedding and all the details, and the very happy couple!

  8. Nov 04 2011

    You are, as always, amazing. 😀

  9. Nov 07 2011

    What an amazing wedding! The setting for the ceremony is just out of this world, and all the details are so gorgeous. Kristi’s dress is so very beautiful too.

  10. Nov 07 2011

    Top shelf photojournalism, fantastic portraits. And can I say those first two dancing images are AMAZING!

  11. Nov 07 2011

    These are so GOOD. I love the dress. And horses! Just a super, super job on capturing the day.

  12. Nov 07 2011

    Wow, there is so much goodness here it’s hard to know where to start! It’s certainly a beautiful wedding and the details and time the couple put in were so worth it! Your portraits of the bride and groom at night are just beautiful! Oh and I loovee her dress!

  13. Nov 08 2011

    Awesome work! I love this wedding especially the horses 🙂

  14. Nov 08 2011

    Beautiful work, Francis! And horses!!

  15. Nov 08 2011

    Wow! You absolutely nailed the lighting on those dancing shots. Great balancing! Beautiful.

  16. Paul Benjamin
    Nov 08 2011

    What an awesomely well put together day. The couple look like they had so much fun too.

    I agree with Luis, the first dance shot is outstanding!

  17. Nov 08 2011

    Lovely wedding, and such clean, beautiful pictures.

  18. Nov 08 2011

    Killed this big time. Love the down-home country feel. That outdoor reception area + concert rock!