Lauren + Kyle | Hummingbird House

Last weekend’s photographic adventures brought me to the Hummingbird House for the first time. What a beautiful venue to hold such a beautiful celebration. Congratulations to Lauren and Kyle!

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  1. Nov 09 2011

    Seriously every single one of these images is just so stunning on its own right. What a wonderful documentary of their day. Such a gorgeous couple.

  2. Nov 09 2011

    Very clean collection, Francis. Nice work.

  3. Nov 10 2011

    Awesome venue, couple and most of all photographer. Absolutely gorgeous images of a perfect day!

  4. Lem
    Nov 10 2011

    Beautiful wedding!

  5. Sam
    Nov 10 2011

    Lucky couple, they picked a great photographer, well done Francis. Love your processing lately, it’s yummy!

  6. Nov 10 2011

    GORGEOUS WORK Francis!!

  7. Nov 10 2011

    Yay!! what an elegant couple! And I love the hummingbird house so much!