Marisa + Arick | Houston Wedding Photographer

What an incredibly beautiful and happy day. Arick and I go way back from when I used to live in Houston. It was a great honor to be able to capture his and Marisa’s incredible wedding. Much love to them both!

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  1. Oct 24 2011

    There are some incredible shots from this one. Just stunning! I always love your perspective behind the camera!

  2. Chris
    Oct 24 2011

    Great images Francis!

  3. Oct 24 2011

    These are stunning! Especially love the first look shots. Gorgeous!

  4. Oct 24 2011

    Great coverage! Love that photo of the bride in the limo. The lighting is just awesome!

  5. Oct 25 2011

    That limo shot! Wowza!

  6. Oct 25 2011

    There is some seriously killer work here! Good job!!

  7. Oct 25 2011

    Wonderfully creative work, I love the shot in the limo, excellent work!

  8. Oct 25 2011

    Wow! Great details and the grooms shoes are kick ass! You did a really amazing job with this wedding! Love them all!

  9. Oct 25 2011

    this post is solid dude.

  10. Oct 25 2011

    Strong compositions! Really great coverage all day long.

  11. Oct 25 2011

    Beautiful work as always, Francis! Marisa & Arick are super good looking and you did them justice in every shot 🙂

  12. Rae
    Oct 26 2011

    Such a high standard of work… a beautiful wedding beautifully captureD!

  13. Oct 26 2011

    Wow, Francis, you really rocked this wedding! What a gorgeous couple! I love the groom’s shoes. 😉 I love the spot you chose to have their first look… so pretty.

  14. Oct 27 2011

    You guys do terrific work. Love your eye and style.

  15. Amity
    Oct 27 2011

    where’s the running man fran?

  16. Nov 05 2011

    Francis, this is my first time to look at them 🙂 They came out awesome! Thanks for having me tag along, I had a great time and Marisa and Arick were awesome! Now you are going to have to tell me where you ended up doing the portraits since I didn’t hang around for that part!