Riddhi + Srini :: Sneak Peek | Hindu Wedding Photographer

This past weekend was colorful, warm, emotional, energetic and absolutely beautiful, to say the least!  I think the pictures will speak for themselves.  Riddhi and Srini were married on the golf course at River Place Country Club. Later that evening, they held their enchanted reception at The Mansion at Judges Hill. Thanks to Eric for his much appreciated assistance with this wedding.

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  1. Oct 20 2010

    I can’t wait to see the rest of this… it looks amazing!

  2. Oct 20 2010

    These are beautiful! What a lovely ceremony.

  3. Oct 20 2010

    Beautiful! Love the colors.

  4. Oct 21 2010

    Dude, that’s some mindblowing attention to detail and colors!

  5. Oct 21 2010

    Wow, these are really good! Love the vibrant colors and the dancing, looks like an incredible wedding!

  6. Oct 21 2010

    Fantastic images Francis. You’ve encapsulated the colour and vibrancy of this day beautifully.

  7. Oct 21 2010

    Such an explosion of color. Hindu weddings are so beautiful and so festive! You did a great job documenting it.

  8. Oct 21 2010

    Never disapointed as usual! That location is awesome, love the veiw!

  9. Oct 21 2010

    I was really looking forward to this wedding being posted and you didn’t disappoint — these shots are killer!

  10. Oct 21 2010

    I like it so far.

  11. Oct 22 2010

    I’m totally in love with the bold colors, the mehndi, the decor and the festive vibe! I bet it was such a blast to shoot! – Rachel

  12. Oct 22 2010

    ummmmmm yeah! incredible!

  13. Oct 30 2010

    I adore the two shots of them together after the ceremony. Wonderful!!

  14. mukesh shah
    Dec 02 2010

    Good job, feels like like we are attending a marriage in india

  15. Maxine Waters
    May 22 2011