Shay + James’ Sneak Peek | Houston Wedding Photographer

Remember the sweethearts who met while working at the movie theater?  Remember how they attended different universities and stayed together? Well, I had the honor of photographing their awesome wedding in N. Houston this past weekend and boy was it HOT.  Like, one thousand percent humidity.  Nonetheless, it was still a fun wedding.  Both Shay and James are really lucky to have each other.  You can tell by just looking at them.  They’re also very lucky to have some pretty wonderful family and friends.  They’re on their honeymoon right now,  so I hope they have wifi so they can see these!  Thanks for stopping by and thanks to Kris for braving the heat and helping me shoot 🙂

The church was just right down the street so everyone, including the attendees, marched on over to the house for the reception 🙂

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